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SBQS Accounting is a full service payroll provider geared exclusively to you the business owner. Our affordable rates, state of the art technology and of course, personal one on one service, makes us the best payroll company for small business in Calgary.

Payroll Management Expertise in Calgary

We can manage your payroll needs from employee engagement to termination – ensuring all information is held in the strictest confidence. We utilize Canadian standard software with the latest tax tables and keep you alongside of all legislative changes ensuring payroll data and systems comply.

At SBQS Accounting we manage your employee’s needs from engagement to termination – ensuring all information is held in the meticulous confidence.

Our qualified accounting professionals use best practice accounting standards to integrate every aspect of the payroll process into your business, simplifying your payroll model, providing you with immediate reporting and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies.

How may we help?

We run payroll easily and accurately in QuickBooks Online Payroll and ensure that small business owners can pay employees with the confidence and accurately. Every business needs to understand how payroll works and how to make sure theirs is rock solid.

7 Steps to Small Business Payroll in Canada🍁

How payroll works: Breaking down the payroll process. Companies may have different ideas on how to run payroll, but there are a few universal payroll steps that you can’t skip if you want to make sure your employees get paid on time.

  • Ensure the paperwork for all of your employees is complete and up to date
  • Set up a payroll schedule. Do you want to pay employees twice a month, biweekly, or on some other schedule?
  • Calculate your employees’ gross pay, taking into account if they’re salaried, hourly, or have worked any overtime.
  • Make deductions for taxes, Social Security, a health care plan, or other reductions.
  • Calculate and deduct taxes and contributions
  • Pay your employees. Direct deposit is most common, but you can also issue paper checks.
  • Keep good records. Impeccable record-keeping allows you to more easily dispute claims and pay your taxes

While it’s important to know how payroll works, you can feel comfortable letting payroll software take care of payroll tax and contribution calculations. When set up correctly, payroll software reduces errors and increases efficiency.

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