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At SBQS Ltd., we have been dedicated to delivering customized accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to small businesses in Calgary since 2018. Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, catering to various ventures, from dynamic start-ups to well-established enterprises.


Accounting Services

Enhance your business’ financial expertise with our accounting services. At SBQS Ltd., we customize the accounting, including the bookkeeping, payroll and tax filing services across diverse industries led by seasoned experts. Entrust us with the numbers as you steer your venture towards growth. Experience top-quality, budget-friendly, and personalized services designed for your triumph. Contact SBQS Ltd. today and seize full control over your path to success.

Payroll Management

Unlock seamless payroll management with SBQS Ltd. Tailored for Calgary’s small businesses, our offerings include paystub prep, CRA remittance guidance, and query handling. Stay focused on your core venture, while we ensure compliance and precision. Experience top-quality, budget-friendly, and personable service for stress-free payroll management. Contact us today and experience streamlined payroll management – SBQS Ltd.

QuickBooks Accounting

Boost your financial strategy with QuickBooks by Intuit – the ultimate choice for small businesses in Canada and the United States. SBQS Ltd. is Calgary’s hidden gem, providing first-rate bookkeeping and customized accounting solutions. Immerse yourself in QuickBooks Online Accounting (QBOA) capabilities with our team of experts, including Accountants, CPAs, and H&R Block-certified tax professionals.

But here’s the exciting part – we’re an integral part of the QuickBooks Online Accounting Services (QBOA) community. Ready to amplify your financial achievements? Contact SBQS Ltd. today.

Tax Services

Apart from accounting and bookkeeping services, we offer a wide array of tax services to simplify taxation’s intricacies while enhancing financial well-being. Our dedicated tax expertise caters to individuals and businesses, ensuring precise and optimized tax strategies.

Why choose SBQS Ltd.?

SBQS Ltd. offers comprehensive accounting services to streamline your small business, enabling you to focus on your core priorities. We provide tailored bookkeeping services that specifically meet the unique requirements of businesses across various industries. Our expert team customizes solutions to match your specific financial needs. Moreover, we offer other professional services, including web design, hosting, SEO, and graphic design.

SBQS Ltd. is committed to delivering high-quality service at cost-effective rates. We aim to ensure your satisfaction and financial well-being through our friendly and attentive approach to your business needs.

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Accounting Services